About Me

Lauren Drogos Postdoc (4)My general research interest focuses on how interrelationships between hormones, physiology and the brain produce changes in cognition in humans. I have three main focuses within this theme.

  • The first is investigating the effects of physical activity on cognition and hormones in older adults. In addition, I am investigating how fluctuations in endogenous hormones may relate to cognitive and brain health using standardized neuropsychological testing and neuroimaging.
  • The second is investigating how fluctuations in endogenous hormones and neuropeptides can influence memory, attention and verbal abilities.
  • My third research focus is on how menopausal symptoms, specifically hot flashes and sleep disturbances, may underlie changes in memory and other mental abilities typically seen during the menopausal transition.

Technical Expertise: Neuropsychological testing, Actigraphy data collection & analysis, Hot Flash data collection & analysis, Neuroimaging, Heart Rate Variability data collection and analysis & ELISAs.